For adults, adolescents and children dealing with:

•Stress Management
•Relationship Problems
•Personality Disorders

•Eating Disorders/Food & Body Issues
•Self Injury
•Alcohol & Drug Problems
•Addiction & Compulsive Behaviors (gambling, spending, sex, etc.)
•Grief & Loss
•Career Development
•Self-Esteem Concerns
•Academic Problems
•Behavioral Concerns
•Anger Management/Impulse Control Problems
•Women's Issues/Men's Issues
•Challenges of Single Parenthood
•Family-of-Origin Issues
•Life Transitions
•Personal Growth

For couples seeking therapy for:

•Relationship Issues
•Communication Problems
•Conflict Management Issues
•Pre and Post Baby Couples Counseling
•Parenting Skills Training
•Dealing with Divorce
•Sexual Concerns
•Abuse/Domestic Violence
•Relationship Growth & Development

For families seeking therapy for:

•Relationship Issues
•Communication Problems
•Parent/Child Conflict
•Blended Family Challenges
•Addiction Issues

The length of treatment is tailored to the particular needs of each client.